Remember that you can modify these activities according to the needs, tastes or ages of your children; the most important thing is that they stay entertained doing things of profit while they are at home, enjoy them!


Do you want your children to spend many hours in the same place and using their creativity? it is no problem! Get a puzzle of 500 pieces that is suitable for your age and also supervises its use at all times. This will be a great investment of time and money, because your children will be developing their motor and sensory abilities without feeling that they are in school, which will allow them to feel free from the responsibility of finishing it at a certain time. They will spend long periods of fun without pressure, and you will be calm to know that they are safe and at home.


This is a slightly more elaborate option, but it is one of the most enjoyed by children and teenagers. Your responsibility will be to elaborate the challenges and questions that must be answered to advance the rally; you can include scientific, artistic questions (for example: “to go to the next stage, you must answer the following questions”); sporting or creative challenges (for example “make up a song”, or “make 5 ducks”).

This type of activity will keep your children active and entertained in an environment of healthy competition on these vacations at home.

Bake cookies

All you have to do is get a simple recipe for baking cookies. It involves children in the whole process: from shopping to get the necessary ingredients, to washing the utensils they will use to make the recipe. This is an activity that you must constantly monitor so that your child does not suffer risks and have a pleasant time.

While preparing the mix, take the opportunity to talk with them or allow them to listen to their favorite music, as they will remain entertained and motivated while they spend a pleasant time with you.

Build a story with clippings

Promoting creativity is an everyday task, and what better way to do it while your children practice their skills to cut and paste. It is about your children using magazines, newspapers or publications that no longer serve to build a story (it can be a story, an acrostic, a poem or song) with cuts of figures, people or letters. Once they have the story, they can keep it in a folder and build a book with all the stories they make during the summer.

Mini Olympics

Another way to encourage children to remain active during vacations at home is through exercise, but perhaps if you take them to the park they will feel they are obliged to do so and lose some motivation to stay healthy. At home you have the perfect opportunity to put together camping activities, through a football, baseball, or basketball tournament with your brothers or friends; You can also add challenges such as jump rope, bowling, target shooting, athletics and everything you can think of. You will see how they are rendered but happy after a few hours of sports life.

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